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As the Internet continues to rapidly and globally expand, Internet security threats are becoming more common and widespread. The types of Internet security attacks we experience today range from very sophisticated and strategic to very simple and unpredictable. The requirement for a strong corporate security policy has never been greater, and Linkatech has acknowledged this with the introduction of our Secure Server Remote Support with LogMeIn IT Reach ®.

At Linkatech we strive to assure that all of our external communications to your company's network resources are managed using the latest and most effective security methods available today. It is through this initiative that we are improving the way that we connect to your vital resources through the use of LogMeIn IT Reach ®'.

With LogMeIn IT Reach ® as our remote support partner application, Linkatech will now be able to provide secure and consistent remote support based on one of the strongest remote support security tools available today. Using LogMeIn IT Reach ® we will apply a "closed" firewall approach for your company, disallowing opening firewall ports or creating firewall rules to make remote support connections possible. As an added security measure; with the included connection logging feature, your company will now be able to review who and when connections have been made to your servers from anywhere in the world.

The choice to upgrade our method of Secure Server Remote Support has been based on a number of key factors namely security, reliability, consistency, and flexibility. In our research upon choosing LogMeIn IT Reach ® we found a balance between these factors and a foundation to extend our services to support your company's servers and other resources at industry strength 256 bit encryption!

It is at this time we are pleased to announce that we will be upgrading our Secure Server Remote Support to include LogMeIn IT Reach ®. Please feel free to visit http://www.logmein.com for details on this application or contact us directly for any further information at 604.434.LINK